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  1. - The official site of the New York Yankees.

  2. Xtra innings is an action packed baseball card/ board game for all ages!
    Get more information about the game here! - or check them out on Facebook here!

  3.       Scoutcam - Download it from the App Store Today - Download it here!

    ScoutCam™ delivers professional sports video analysis to your iPhone. Now in a few easy steps you can record athletic movements for coaches, trainers or others to analyze and record comments. Our patent-pending side-by-side comparison allows you to adjust slow motion frames to pinpoint exact differences between two similar videos. Watch yourself next to a star athlete or previous versions of yourself.

    ScoutCam is the ideal tool to gain insight into your swing, jump shot or any other action movement. With its exceptional quality and advanced functionality, ScoutCam makes it easy to chronicle your progress and create a strategy for advancing your skills. For a limited introductory period, ScoutCam is being offered for just 99 cents. 

    Features include: 

    Video Recording: ScoutCam comes equipped with exceptional recording quality and quick zoom. 

    Superior Playback functionality: Use the handy dial to isolate playback forward or backward at varied speeds.

    Slow-motion Setting: By sliding the indicator to the desired slow-motion playback speed, you can free up your hands for easy analysis and sharing with others. 

    Side-by-side comparison: Just flip your phone on its side and you’ll be able to choose any video from your personal library to compare side by side. Each side has its own playback dial to ensure you get exact movement comparison when you compare two videos. You can also adjust the slow-motion setting for each side in comparison mode.

    Drawing Analysis Tools: While reviewing your original recording, ScoutCam allows you to use a number of different lines, squares and circles to draw directly onto the video for emphasis on what you’re doing right or wrong.

    Voice Record Function: In addition to the drawing analysis tools, you can add further clarity by recording comments at specific points in the video so coaches or trainers can help their athletes understand what they’re doing right and wrong.

    Analyzed Videos: Once you’ve either drawn or recorded over an original video, ScoutCam saves the analyzed video as a new video that can be emailed or shared via multiple social media platforms.

    Easy Labeling & Retrieval: ScoutCam offers the user a number of rating, titling, filtering and sorting options to make for easy retrieval of specific footage. 

  4. BABE RUTH 1932 - - The Year of the Called Shot - By Bill Jenkinson
  5. SHADE Foundation of America - Mission: To eradicate melanoma through the education of children and the community in the prevention and detection of skin cancer and the promotion of sun safety.

  6. Some FREE baseball tips on hitting & FREE baseball pitching tips for players, coaches and baseball parents at

  7. Maple Bats - is a retailer of wooden baseball bats, aluminum baseball bats and custom baseball bats, as well as other baseball equipment and accessories.

  8. Total Sports Links: New York Yankees

    Business Directory

  10. The Dead Ball Era - Great website about baseball from long ago!

  11. - Play fantasy baseball, fantasy football, and fantasy basketball and win prizes.

  12. NY Yankees Memorabilia & Autographed Collectibles - Authentic Signed Sports

  13. Volleyball Equipment - Pacific Coast Volleyball Camps Official Website

  14. Bernie Williams - - The BEST Bernie Williams website on the Internet.
  15. Jim Donten Baseball Photography -
  16. - Great sports collectibles and autographs since 1996.
  17.  Check out BetUS Sportsbook along with baseball odds & lines

  18.  - Great selection of Yankees seats and much, much more!  Check it out today!
  19. The Official Family Site of George Herman "Babe" Ruth - New Updated Site on Babe Ruth!  The Official Family Site!  Check it out today.

  20. The Greatest Comeback Ever!  Check out this great book by Paul Keck at:

  21. Hollywood Collectibles is a sports memorabilia store that sells autographed photos, game used pieces, vintage items, and many more.
    To view these items visit

  22. Yankee Roll Call - Podcasts include: Yankee Roll Call, a secret meeting of New York Yankee fans.  Each episode is a twenty minute podcast that you can also subscribe to on iTunes, for free. Each new Yankee Roll Call show will be delivered to your iPod. That way, you'll never miss one. Go Yanks!

  23. Click below to buy Jason Baca's book on chewing tobacco.  This is a great book for any athlete that chews or is considering chewing.  A must read!!!!
    Softcover -
    Kindle -

   22.  Browse a great catalog of autographed MLB baseballs and much more!

   23. Bill Jenkinson Baseball - - A great website about the author and his books.  Check it out today!!! 

   24.  World Wide Golf Shops - Golf Clubs - We offer the largest selection of brand name golf clubs and more--all at amazing prices.

   25.  The Finto File - - Read George Mole's blog!  George Molé, editor of The Finto File, works in law enforcement in New York City. He is also a freelance writer whose work has appeared in the New York Daily News, the New York Post, The New York Times and other publications. He holds a BA in history from Lehman College of the City University of New York (CUNY), and an MA in criminal justice from John Jay College/CUNY, where he was awarded the prestigious Claude Hawley Medal for scholastic distinction. George is a member of Alpha Phi Sigma, the national criminal justice honor society, and is a trustee of the New York State Shields, a law-enforcement fraternal organization. 

   26.  FAN WATCHES - Fan-Watches offers a complete line of high quality sports watches for fans of all ages. Whether your looking to purchase a watch for a gift, or one for yourself, you will find that we have the largest selection of sports watches to choose from. Start by choosing from the sports watches below.


27. - - Larry Cicchiello - Check out this great baseball website today!!!

Baseball Parents & Youth Coach
Help Desk open 24/7 & 365 days
I "Tweet" 2 baseball tips daily!!/LarryBaseball
Larry's Math: 6 + 4 + 3 = 2

28. Steve Sax Baseball - - Our clinics offer intense advanced training and insider techniques.  We go beyond the fundamentals of just hitting, catching and throwing. Learn the "how-to's" of the essentials for hitting, base running, and defense.   These clinics are for the serious baseball player, coach, or manager looking to get to the next level. The information and knowledge you will get, comes from nearly 20 years of major league experience; 5 time All-Star, 2 time world series champion, NL Rookie of the year, and silver slugger award winner, Steve Sax. 

Get more information here:
Tel: 916-390-2694 or 916-275-2881
Fax: 916-789-0304

29. Yankees fans looking for other forms of entertainment particularly those online may like to try their luck playing at an online casino many of which offer baseball theme games. Test out some great US online casino sites by visiting today.

30. Will Leitch - The MLB Master Replacement Player List  

31. - - a site with all different local county offices listed, pretty accurate for my own purposes and thought others might think so as well. It has a great number of local county and state offices with phone numbers, addresses and directions nationwide - I've found it very accurate. At the very least, it has helped to eliminate my own headaches trying to dig up contact details when I'm trying to make a phone call!  Try it out today! 


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